Theatre of Youth has always been dedicated to providing enriching experiences for the youth of WNY.  While our plays are certainly entertaining, we pride ourselves on performing shows that have underlying themes and messages that are important for all children.  Whether it be highlighting the impact of bullying; demonstrating empathy, awareness, and sharing; questioning ethical dilemmas like plagiarism; or dealing as we will this year with acceptance, diversity, and self-identity; Theatre of Youth provides a safe, responsible, alternative space to explore and practice the fundamental tools of Common Core.  Not only that, we all don’t even realize the great things we are learning because we are having so much fun while we do it! 

Remaining 2019-20 Season School Performances:

    for Grades 6-9

(March - April )SOLD OUT

Adapted by CHRISTOPHER SERGEL.  From the book by S.E. HINTON.

Produced by special arrangement with DRAMATIC PUBLISHING, Woodstock, Illinois.

The Outsiders is a searing story of real kids in real situations with real consequences seen through the eyes of young Ponyboy.  Territorial battles between the have-it-made rich kids — the Socs — and Ponyboy’s tough, underprivileged "greaser" family and friends are just a part of life.  But even in the midst of urban gang warfare, somehow Ponyboy can't forget a short poem that speaks to their fragile young lives. This heroic story of belonging, friendship, and maintaining hope in the face of struggle is a powerful reminder of what young people encounter every day.

Next Gen ELA Standards: 6-10SL1, 6-10R7, RH2, 3 & 5

Themes:  adversity, friendship, belonging


     for Grades PreK  (Minimum Age Level 4 Years)  - Grade 2

May 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 28, 29 & June 3, 4, 5, 2020

Adapted by ALLISON GREGORY and STEVEN DIETZ.  Adapted from the book “Go, Dog, Go!” by P.D. EASTMAN.  Published by Random House Children’s Books, a division of Random House, Inc. Copyright © 1961 by P.D. EASTMAN.  Copyright © renewed 1989 by MARY L. EASTMAN.  All rights reserved.  Music composed by MICHAEL KOERNER.  “Do You Like My Hat?” Lyrics by MICHAEL KOERNER.  Produced by Special Arrangement by Plays For Young Audiences.

Get in gear with GO, DOG, GO! These playful pups delve into life with gusto, creating a visual spectacle for the audience to feast upon.  They drive in cars.  They sing and dance. They climb trees.  They snorkel. They howl at the moon, and even ride a Ferris wheel!   Authors Gregory and Dietz play inside the classic story to explore the buckets of bliss, wonder, longing and discovery.   One and all will enjoy this big little musical world of rollicking doggy fun! 

Next Gen ELA Standards: PKRZ, PK-2R9, PK-2W4, PK-2SL1

Themes: adventure, exploration, wonder, discovery



Getting your group to a TOY performance is as simple as choosing your play, your date and then contacting the box office at:

 Email    or   call (716) 884-4400 ext.304  

For a faster process, please have as much of the following information ready when booking:

  • School name, address and phone number
  • Contact person who will be on the trip, along with their cell phone number and email address
  • Show title and preferred date
  • Grade level attending
  • Approximate number of students
  • Approximate number of adults 
  • Will you need any accommodation for wheelchairs or impairments, etc.?





Buses should arrive at the theatre between 9:20 am and no later than 9:45 am for parking and seating. School performances begin promptly at 10 am.  
If you have a late start from your school, please contact the box office to ask about options.


Our full-scale main stage productions offer a professional theatre experience to your students at an affordable rate of $8 per ticket. As a bonus,for every 20 students attending, you will receive one complimentary seat out of the total attendance. (TOY will calculate this on your order for you)


Groups of less than 25 must pay in full upon booking. For larger groups, invoices will be mailed to the contact person several months prior to their chosen performance. Payment due dates will be stated on the invoice with large payments divided into a deposit and final payment. The non-refundable deposit is required by the stated date in order to secure your reservation.

Payments can be made by check, money order or credit card. To pay by credit card please call (716) 884-4400 ext.304. We will not accept cash for school performances. Your reservation attendance may not be decreased after the deposit due date and no refunds will be given after payment is received. Complete payments must be received prior to attending the performance. Payments should be submitted in the form of a single check, credit card payment or money order. Additional tickets may be purchased based on availability.


PRE-SHOW PACKETS will be available for download for teachers prior to the performance.  These will include show-specific information and theatre-driven activities for students to promote creative discussion before the show.

TALK-BACK WITH THE CAST  Stay seated after the performance for an essential moment of learning - our actors will lead a fun and interactive conversation to give your students the fullest understanding of the play.

WORKBOOK - Workbooks will be provided to take back to the classrooms for additional learning about themes of the play. 


BOCES Arts in Education CoSer: TOY is a recognized program in the BOCES Arts in Education CoSer.  This means your trip to TOY is reimbursable up to your District’s BOCES aid ratio the following year.  In other words, you might grow your fieldtrip budget!  Contact your principal – or have your principal contact your school’s Business Office – to learn how to take advantage of this perk.

ARTS IN EDUCATION BUDGETS: Does your District have an arts in education budget?  If so, a field trip to TOY would qualify!  Again, have your principal connect with your district’s business office to check on this possibility. 

NEXT GENERATION STANDARDS: Every TOY show has curriculum crossovers that touch on ELA common core standards and character education.  But that’s not all; a trip to TOY extends the classroom and provides context and examples to reflect on History, Science, and more!