Founders Scholarship

"When you spoke to Roz, you felt as if you were the most important person in the world."

-Anthony Chase on Theater Talk

From left to right: Colleen Fahey, Rosalind Cramer, Meg Quinn, Toni Smith Wilson at the opening of the Allendale Theatre, December 5, 1999.  Photo courtesy of Anthony Chase. 

Support WNY Children Through our Memorial Scholarships

Theatre of Youth was founded in June 1972 by Rosalind Cramer and Toni Smith Wilson. Along with their students, they dreamed of a theatre that would give voice to the wonders and worries of childhood. A place where theatre artists could tell stories that might guide, comfort, enlighten, entertain, and nurture young minds. Their collective heart, soul, and tireless work realized this dream for the youth of WNY.

The current staff of TOY is honored to stand on the shoulders of these two great women to continue the hope and dream that is Theatre of Youth. We know now, more than ever, the importance of bringing professional, child-centered theatre experiences to our entire community. International education advisor Sir Ken Robinson contends the most important resources in the information age will be the ideas and creative capacities of our workforce. To wit, an IBM poll of 1,500 top CEOs show creativity, communication, and collaboration are the top three traits of employees will need to succeed in the 21st century.

This is the work of TOY; to encourage these very skills in WNY's children through educational programming. We invite you to continue the legacy of Roz and Toni by donating to our Memorial Scholarships. Your gift will directly impact youths from Title 1 schools in the 8 counties of WNY by giving them scholarships to TOY's theatre workshop programming. Thank you for continuing the great work of Roz and Toni.

If you would like to donate via postal mail, please contact Tracy Snyder, Managing Director, for an order form or stop by the theatre Tuesday-Friday, 12-4 PM.


Rosalind Cramer Memorial Scholarship Toni Smith Wilson Memorial Scholarship