"[The play] puts the audience in the position of being the foreign person, so our audience will have some sensibility about what it feels like to not know what's going on around you, trying to read all the signals, but you don't understand the language."

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"the script by Dennis Foon is every bit as pertinent as it was when he first wrote it.”

- Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star


"New Kid," an uncomplicated, dutifully heartwarming play that chronicles Nick's eventual mastery of the new language, his triumph over schoolyard bullies and his acquisition of a friend, Mench, who learns to be culturally sensitive.”

- By Celia Wren, Special to The Washington Post 






"4 out of 5 Buffalos!  Everyone in this well-rehearsed cast delivered a first-rate “opening night” (well, this is a kid’s show, so opening afternoon) performance: John Profeta as the clueless Mr. Monroe, Jenn Stafford as the super-efficient mom Mrs. Monroe, Rich Kraemer as Harold the dimwitted dog, Christine Cooke-Macvittie as Bunnicula’s puppeteer (and veterinarian), Tyler Eisenmann as the older brother Toby and Ayden Herreid as the younger brother Pete."

-Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising (read the full review)


"3 out of 4 stars!  ...That makes "Bunnicula" one of those stories in which kids in the audience know even more than the grown-ups, which always feels good. Kids who have read the books or seen TV shows inspired by them will plug into the action immediately, while first-timers may be inspired to pick up the book afterward."

-Melinda Miller, The Buffalo News (read the full review)


"“Bunnicula” is a lighthearted, easy to follow horror-comedy that is perfect for children on Halloween (I mean, October). It’s frightening Dracula inspiration is downplayed by the adorable pets and the silly humans who think they know better. There’s many laughs and thrills to be had, recommended for ages 6 and up."

-Kristin Loughran, Buffalo Theatre Guide (read the full review)


"Christine Cooke-Macvittie is the puppeteer, working Bunnicula’s fangs and red eyes, expertly moving him around the set as he goes about his vegetarian vampire business."

-Ann Marie Cusella, Buffalo Vibe (read the full review)



"The show today was fabulous! I was blown away by the set design, special effects and the quality of the performance. Bunnicula’s puppeteer masterfully gave life to him. The post-show chat was awesome, so much so, that several students remarked about the value it added to their experience. It was a delightfully entertaining show containing just enough mystery to mesmerize a group of elementary students.  We loved it!"

-Shannon V., 2nd Grade Teacher, Elmwood Franklin School


"We attended Bunnicula with our third graders. We thought the play was excellent and loved the slightly spooky touch. Our students really enjoyed it. Thank you!"

-Jenna F., 3rd Grade Teaching Partner, Tapestry Charter School




"You may have seen Easter bunnies, fluffy bunnies, and funny bunnies, but you have never seen a bunny like Bunnicula, the vampire bunny now stalking the celery at Theatre of Youth. Chester the cat knows what the bunny is up to, but Harold the dog and the whole Monroe family are unaware of the nocturnal habits of their new pet in this charming musical with a message.

Ominous organ music and thunder and lightning abound as Bunnicula enters the Monroe home in a box, and whenever night falls. The set design by Kenneth Shaw is lovely...  The human family consists of an intense lawyer mother (Jenn Stafford), rather vague professor father (John Profeta), and two tween boys full of life (Tyler Eisenmann and Ayden Herreid). They are like a cartoon family in a good way, coming and going in and out this door and that, sometimes for no apparent reason at all."

-Ann Marie Cusella, Buffalo Vibe


"As any fan of the children's book of the same title knows, it is the celery that stalks. And despite the delicious Halloween-style theatrical effects, Bunnicula is a lot less ferocious than his glowing red eyes and growing green fangs would indicate.  In truth, he's kind of a funny bunny."

-Melinda Miller, The Buffalo News