TOY In the News


Heritage Insights: The Allendale Theatre

"In 1985, the [Allendlae] marquee collapsed into Allen Street, the event a metaphor for how far Buffalo—all American cities—had fallen to neglect." 


A Thank You to the Theatre of Youth

"...You treated her with patience, kindness, and respect and for that we are eternally grateful. It is an experience we’ll never forget."


Another Voice: Theatre of Youth Benefits Entire Community

"An amazing thing happens at the Theatre Of Youth (TOY) when the lights dim. Hundreds of children quiet immediately and remain so as their attention is keenly focused on the performance. They evidence a mindset teachers often have difficulty accomplishing in their classrooms. And the end of each performance is as poignant as the beginning. During the discussion after each play, the students’ interest is evidenced by their endless questions. Their intellectual curiosity has been aroused".


'Junie B.' is a hoot; Spunky first-grader and friends come to life on TOY stage

3.5/4 stars

"As far as bad kids go, Junie B. Jones is one of the best. She's not horrible, mind you. She's not a bully. She doesn't have terror on the mind. But she does speak her mind, and speak it loudly."


Review of Theatre of Youth's Charlotte's Web

"My very small grumblings aside, Charlotte’s Web at Theatre of Youth is a wonderful show which will introduce your children to the magic of live theater and allow them to become completely immersed in one of our most beloved literary classics."


Theatre Review: 'The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)' by Theatre of Youth at Allendale Theatre

"TOY’s production of The BFG is can’t miss children’s theatre. A dazzling experience that kept my young companions on the edge of their seat with hilarious sounds, fantastic artistry and most importantly, an honest depiction of the spirit and imagination of children."