Second Generation Theatre and Theatre of Youth have collaborated to create an interactive theatre experience for theatre patrons ages 5-12. ONCE UPON A TIME was written by Philip Farugia, Kelly Copps and Amy Jakiel and is a 40-minute musical presented via ZOOM. ONCE UPON A TIME follows traditional fairy tale characters as they learn about inner strength and becoming the heroes of their own stories. An upbeat, high energy musical with captivating melodies, ONCE UPON A TIME empowers children to proudly be themselves.

*ONCE UPON A TIME requires parental participation! Parents/guardians will receive an email with information on setting up some magical items before the show for your child to discover during the performance.

PLEASE NOTE: Ticket Add-On VIP MAGIC Boxes are only available for local Buffalo NY pick-up. 

For event details and photos, be sure to visit the Facebook Event Page HERE.


TOY & SGT are proud to partner on our education workbook and materials for ONCE UPON A TIME with EPIC - Every Person Influences Children. EPIC is an amazing organization which believes in helping families, schools, and communities raise children to become responsible and successful adults. More information can be found by clicking their logo. 





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Trailer for ONCE UPON A TIME:

PLEASE NOTE: Streaming ticket information for THE OUTSIDERS is located HERE. THE OUTSIDERS is streaming from March 5 - 19, 2021.