Theatre Classes and Workshops


Dear Friends of TOY,

Theatre education has been a core value of Theatre of Youth since the founding of the company in 1972.  Over the years, thousands of parents and kids have trusted us to create programs that inspire and build creative confidence through the practice and development of theatre skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Some kids have an occasional interest in theatre classes. They want to have fun up on the TOY stage for a few days, imagining stories and making new friends.

Other kids keep returning for new classes. They want to continue practicing and building skills in a different experience.

And, a few kids, love theatre and performing. They possibly see themselves pursuing professional careers. They want to dig deeper. They set high expectations for themselves and us. They want to prepare for the future.

Whatever the intensity of a young person’s interest or drive, we know that participation in theatre develops creative thinking skills that transfer to everyday life skills. Practicing theatre – through improvisation, games, stories, scripts, movement, and sound - leads to gaining new insight, expanding awareness of self and the world, using what you know in unique ways, understanding feelings and emotions, perceiving problems from different perspectives, wondering about and exploring possibilities, sharing and building on ideas with others. Seeing theatre as an audience member or practicing theatre as a student, nurtures the unique imagination that every person possesses and is entitled to actualize.

We are expanding our theatre education program by summer 2017. A variety of classes will be offered at the theatre and in other locations. Information will be online in January. 

Give your child the TOY advantage!



Artistic Director