We agree.  Your child has a wonderful imagination.


Once, during the talkback of a show, a child told me, “That play was about me.”


That one comment, so long ago, made me realize how completely personal TOY is to children. After all, we are telling the stories that explore their grandest wonders and deepest worries. Whether the play is delighting them with silliness or taking them by the hand and carefully stepping into the unknown, we are always conscious of our opportunity to give children something they need.


This year we speak to children about something always important in their lives: Identity. At the heart of each play is a character who finds fulfillment and acceptance for being who they are. The storytelling is certainly theatrical! In BUNNICULA we have a misunderstood, lonesome Rabbit who needs acceptance. NEW KID puts us in the world of a boy who is facing total change in his life. Who struggles with acceptance more than Charlie Brown? In A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS, his sincere longing for the meaning of the holiday leads the usual gang to a thoughtful discovery. In THE BOY AT THE EDGE OF EVERYTHING, twelve-year-old Simon needs the world to slow down. Every kid who has heard about this play has told us, “That is my life!” JUNIE B JONES IS NOT A CROOK is another confusing situation for strong-willed Junie to sort out. And for our youngest audiences, STELLALUNA is a baby bat whose natural inclinations are unacceptable to birds. In the end, she will find out where she truly belongs.


Theatre of Youth is Western New York’s family theatre. When a child leaves our theatre thinking, “the play was about me,” we know we have comforted, enlightened or empowered them in a special way.


Join us for our 46th Season…


Meg Quinn, Artistic Director


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