Dear Friends,


Theatre of Youth was founded in June, 1972 by Rosalind Cramer and Toni Smith Wilson. Several of their theatre students at Rosary Hill College were invited to be part of the founding company of actors. I was one of them.


Our collective dream was to establish a theatre that would give voice to the wonders and worries of childhood.  A place where theatre artists could tell stories that might guide, comfort, enlighten, entertain, and nurture young minds. After many years of dedication to our founding values, our experience and expertise in the field of children’s theatre has made TOY a respected and treasured community asset.


In our stories this season, characters will find themselves in curious situations or treacherous predicaments requiring resourcefulness, bravery, strength of character, hard decisions, sense of humor and empathy for others.  Actors will sing and dance, stage thrilling sword fights, and make animals talk.  And, at the end of every performance, the cast will return to the stage to talk with the audience and answer many pressing questions concerning “How did you do that?”


If you are a new TOY family or a long time regular, I hope you will be part of our special 45th anniversary season. I invite your family to the beautiful Allendale Theatre to see plays you will remember and to spend exceptional time together.



Meg Quinn

Artistic Director


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